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Residential Properties 

Whether you are looking for a house to live in or an investment/income generating property, I can help you. I understand your needs because I have been there myself. Finding the ideal home and location is my expertise. I’ll be with you every step of the way; from helping you narrow your search to fully negotiating the deal. If does not matter if this is your first home or one of many.

Many agents can show you properties , but you want an agent with a business mindset. As a home re-modeler and as an investor myself, I can spot a good deal for you, no matter where your budget stands...

If you are relocating and whether you have a relocation package/benefits or not, my relocation team and I can help you to buy a property anywhere around the globe. 

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Commercial Property

If does not matter if you are looking for land, retail, office, restaurant, hotel, industrial, or warehouse space, I can help you. I provide tools for you to make an informed decision; my tailored made commercial proposals include, among other things: research and data on location, property amenities, transportation, utilities, suppliers, market, labor force, industry trends, and much more.

As an Economic Developer and a former researcher I have participated in the attraction, retention, and expansion of hundreds of businesses from small retail stores to multi billion dollar projects. 


Contact me to see how we can get started on your next property journey today.

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