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I specialize in selling commercial and residential real estate and  know how and where to find potential clients for your property, regardless of condition, type of property, or performance. As a certified stager, I can dress any type of real estate to accentuate the unique, main features of your property. I think outside the box and with innovative ideas and vast experience I can successfully place, match, and sell any kind of property imaginable. 

If your property is in need of restauration or if you have an underperforming property, with access to technology, data, relationships and good old common sense, I can identify potential targets and find a client that is the right fit for your property.  I know about re-purposing, restoring, and retrofitting properties, I will find the right prospects and buyers for you to sell for the highest profit and as quick as possible.

If you are relocating and need to sell a property in TN or somewhere else around the world, I can help you, with my relocation team and I will make sure you are taking care from beginning to end. 

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